Santelle spray tanning solutions manufactured in Australia supply quality

Santelle spray tanning solutions manufactured in Australia supply quality, premium products to the Hair and Beauty Industry. Santelle spray tanning solutions include the unique organic blend of natural eco certified DHA from one of Europe’s finest Suppliers, combined with erythrulose, the added benefit of Vitamin E, aloe vera and other quality ingredients ensures your tan is a perfect flawless streak free, long lasting natural tan.

Santelle Solutions are manufactured with a green base – No orange tones

Erythrulose -an ingredient that makes the tan long lasting and not patchy when fading.

Santelle spray tanning solutions work like a thinning tan making the body look more sexy, vibrant and has the advantage of disguising cellulite, wrinkles and stretch marks making you feel more confident with a radiant summer glow.

Santelle spray tanning solutions are the simple solution for spray tanning, we do not confuse the tanning market with lots of varieties, we just offer the best in Medium or Dark solutions. Medium 10 % DHA for that warm, natural tan and Dark 12.5 % DHA for a rich, deeper, exotic result. Santelle solutions have been professionally manufactured to suit all skin types. Both products develop in 2 hours (max. 4 hours). Shower off and watch your Santelle natural looking tan continue developing further during the day.